Sample Answers of IELTS Writing Task 2

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Nowadays, newspaper and music are easily available on internet. Is it a positive or negative development? Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

The technological advancements in the contemporary world have made lives replete with information and entertainment sources. The internet is considered as the greatest invention of this era. It has altered the way people used to receive news and listen to music in yester times. These days, the on-line availability of news broadcast and musical notes is a positive trend but downsides also cannot be ignored.

To begin with, the internet connects the people around the world in no times. The World Wide Web has turned the homo sapiens into interneticus. This transformation is greeted as blessings in disguise. The reporting of the incidents happening at the global front can float from one side of the world to another in seconds. This swiftness helps to ensure the peace and harmony on this planet by alarming the nations about the bloody skirmishes and cold wars fought inside some countries. Besides this, it helps to control the inflation in the economies also by updating about the fluctuations in stock markets.

Additionally, the musical world has shrunk and the boundaries are destroyed. The world music is produced out of this mingling. The music has transcended the boundaries of region and religion. The Pastiche and Medley are fad amongst the youth of the day. The internet is connecting music lovers, lyricist and singers across the globe. The easy access to songs on internet is adding into its sheen by landing it into the pockets through i-pods and i-phones.

Alternatively, the dark face of the spreading of news on internet frightens many. The hoaxers misuse this medium to create havoc in communities. The false reporting of the accidents and manipulated stories create ripples in the ocean. Furthermore, the very essence of music loses its lustre. The distorted version of songs mars the original flavour of the singers. The echoed records help the newbies to make a niche for themselves in music industry eventually making the survival of veteran singers hard.

To conclude, I opine that the pros and cons of the usage of internet to get access to news stories and music entirely depend on the user. If used judiciously it can be a boon otherwise a bane.

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