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Writing task-2 (7th may, 2016)

Money spent on postgraduate subjects is limited. Therefore, financial support should be provided to the students conducting scientific research by government rather than spending money on unusual subjects.

Do you agree or disagree?

The contemporary era is of educational excellence. The specialists are sought in every sphere of life. It is opined that governments must allocate more money to science and research related programmes instead of assisting the conventional courses. I have a strong note of dissent for this opinion.

To begin with, the governmental policies are required to be impartial with all. The funding should be released to the courses related to all streams irrespective of its applications. For instance, some students don’t have an edge for science and technology related programmes. The closure of some faculties in the light of the dearth of finances may be a discriminatory attitude of the administrative bodies. Furthermore, choosing the advance level of study options is the sole discretion of the learners. If decision is made to get specialisation in any stream then the aspirant must be mentally and financially ready to bear the expenditure carried on it.

Additionally, the government spends huge money on settling up the infrastructure for research centres. The assistance of this level is good enough. The land worth of millions is allotted to the universities to lay down work station. The equipment and machinery along with sophisticated gadgets casts a heavy burden on central departments. In such scenario when a huge amount is consumed to establish the infrastructure then providing monetary support to the people studying in those departments will be an additional liability on the shoulders of the state.

Last but not least, the human propensity makes beneficiaries adopt casual approach. Any subsidy or freebie results in less fruitful outcomes. The research scholars may get less focused and may prolong their study duration because of the stipends they enjoy without putting many efforts. This will lead to the deterioration of the overall performance of the researchers.

To conclude, it is drawn that by providing financial aid to the science post graduates, quantity may be increased but the quality has to take back seat. Instead of supporting by giving money to all, scholarships may be granted to the intelligent but less privileged students. This will be the fair and justifiable division of the public money.

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