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Asked on 2nd May

Pollution has become a global problem. What are the reasons of this problem and how it can be solved?

Pollution is termed as the immersion of unnatural and unwanted substances into natural resources in abundance causing hazardous effects on flora and fauna. The entry of pollutants into water, air and food is causing frowns by the health organisations and environmentalists around the globe. This essay discusses the causes of this worldwide menace along with the possibility of some remedial actions.

To begin with, the prime reason of increase in pollution is the deforestation.  The world population is increasing on an alarming rate. For the housing of all, woods are cut down eventually reducing the green belt area, leading to the heating up of the Earth. In the dearth of trees, breathable air is getting contaminated causing many respiratory diseases. Furthermore, the industrialisation, urbanisation and modernisation have brought drastic changes in the life style of people on this globe. The emission of toxic gases from refrigerators, air conditioners and vehicles is adding into the existing pollutants in the air. The industrial effluent is polluting underground waters also. Thus, the means of comfort are making lives miserable.

Alternatively, to solve the global problem of pollution, awareness campaigns can be launched. For this, governmental and non – governmental bodies need to join hands for the welfare of human existence on this Earth. There is a dire need of making masses aware of the adverse impacts of pollution of lives. Besides this, strong environmental laws are required to form and their execution is also needed to be monitored sternly. The violators must not go scot-free. Heavy penalties may be levied to deter the violation of rules, to protect the environment from pollution dangers.

To conclude, it is drawn that pollution is indeed the major problem on this planet these days. Strong measures needed to be adopted to protect the life from the ill effects of changing environmental surroundings. The united efforts may help to curb this problem in future.




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