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Asked on 2nd May, 2016

Some people say that law affects the behaviour of a person. But some believe society plays an important role to build a good behaviour rather than the law. Give your opinion.


Humans live ain groups and their cordial relationships with one another make the communities a place worth living in. However, sometimes behavioural problems disrupt the friendly ambience of the societies. Certain rules and regulations are formed to direct the people. Many opine that it is not the law which always guide the individuals but the societal impact determines the way people behave. I believe that laws and environmental conditions both influence collectively.

To begin with, the civil and military laws are mandatory in some situations. The national defence affairs do not allow any breach in the security. The intrusion from within the country or outside is dealt with sternly. Such instances deter the further violation of rules. Besides this, the constitutional acts direct the people to do their duties by keeping note of the rights of others. This enforced understanding amongst people strengths the warp and weft of the societies.  Thus, presence of laws and their enforcement certainly affects the way people act.

Alternatively, the environmental impact is not less forceful. The elderly folks in the cultures become role models for the youth. They are followed blindly by the budding minds. For instance, film celebrities have become icons for millions of people nowadays. They are being imitated madly and blindly. In such scenario, any wrong act of public figures may harm the societies to great extent.

Furthermore, the cultural and religious leaders of the communities may play a significant role in setting up examples. The community work done by them will encourage others also to tread on the same path eventually channelising the energy of the human resources in to a right direction.

Conclusively, it is drawn that judiciary and society both are two sides of the same coin. The role of one cannot overpower the second in directing the human values and behaviours.  The balanced respect and attention for both will be beneficial for the people and communities.



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