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Asked on 9th May, 2016

Describe a company in which you are interested to do work.

Though I am a student of business school yet but I have already made a selection of the company in which I would love to start my professional career.

  • This organisation is of repute in my country. It is India’s largest private sector enterprise. It deals in retail markets, telecom, petrochemicals and hydro projects also.
  • I have an innovative mind and I yearn always to do something unusual. I explored the market and found that this industrial house has ample avenues for the deserving candidates.
  • Sometimes, my friends mock at me for dreaming big but my principles guide me to think big and achieve big.
  • I see myself as a member of this vast industry in a couple of years. After completing my masters from the top most B-school of India I will join this organisation.
  • This company has a sort of monopoly in some sectors. They are leaders in communication industry.
  • Besides this, the contribution made by this house in the energy sector has made it familiar even in remote areas also.
  • My dream destination has already spread out its wings in international market also. The people associated with this organisation are always in all praise for the policies made for the employees.
  • I am putting the best efforts to score high in my academics so that I can fulfil my dream of working in this huge business house.



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