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Cars are used more nowadays and create pollution. Do you agree or disagree?

The boom in the automobile industry has caused the mass production of automotives globally. The number of cars plying on our roads nowadays is greater than yester years. I do believe that the toxic smoke emitted from these cars is responsible for adding pollutants into our environment in abundance.

To begin with, cars play indispensable role in our lives. These vehicles are used for commuting to study and work destinations.  The daily use of this mode of transportation is tolling heavy burden on breathable air because of the release of harmful smoke. The more frequent use of cars to go to markets, offices and having joy rides is making the situation worst. People prefer to use their personal cars instead of public transportation.  The issue of vehicular pollution is a big concern for global environmentalists.

Additionally, there is a dire need to curb this menace by forming some strict rules. The old vehicles must not be allowed to run on roads. Besides this, local administrations have to ensure the easy and frequent availability of public transport so that more and more people use this facility. The odd and even number plate rule can be applied in every city. This will reduce the number of cars on a day eventually leading to less smoke emission. Last but not least, the employers must encourage their workforce to use car pooling facility instead of their personal cars daily.

To conclude, it is asserted that cars are certainly adding more into the existing air pollution. Though these automotives are essential in our daily lives but a careful use of these will definitely reduce the quantity of unnatural and unwanted substances in our surroundings.

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