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It is usually foolish to get married before studies. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


The institution of marriage is upheld as most respectable and significant in almost every culture across the globe. The time to enter into wedlock varies in all ethnic groups. It is commonly opined that education completion must be the priority not tying nuptial knots. I strongly favour this opinion.

To begin with, education is needed for empowerment.  In order to support the living in later years of life people are needed to be skilful. It is only education and training which enables people to use their intellectual powers required for survival and growth. The focused attention helps to excel in academics. On the other hand, married life brings many responsibilities. The time and attention is divided in taking care of the life partner. In such situations, studies suffer to a great extent. Thus, completing education before marriage will be beneficial.

Additionally, education makes people mentally mature. Their perception and attitude towards life is changed with the passage of time. This eventually helps to make adjustments in relationships. The chances of experiencing clashes of opinions and conflicts are reduced. The wisdom acquired with the studies broadens the vision. Alternatively, getting married early, at tender age, may result in family disputes.  Many instances can be witnessed in communities where the lack of mutual understanding between husband and wife spoils the entire family environment.

To conclude, it is emphasised that education empowers people with the potential of handling monetary and mental burdens which are destined to pop up after entering into new relationships. The conjugal bliss can be enjoyed with the help of intellectual strengths procured from education.

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