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Asked on 12th, 13th May, 2016

Describe a thing you shared with someone.

I generally don’t like to share things with others even with my siblings but something happened with me recently which changed me and I’m a sociable person now.

  • I would like to speak about the thing which I shared with some strangers and it gave me a sense of satisfaction. It was eatables which I gave to my co-passengers as they were in need.
  • I was travelling in a bus from my home town to New Delhi. The entire journey takes around 6-7 hours. My mother packed a lot of food items to have during journey as she knew that I don’t like eating out.
  • Unfortunately, our bus had to stop on the mid way as the road was blocked by the protestors.
  • There was a long queue of vehicles stranded for hours. It seemed that it may take many more hours to clear the roads.
  • All the passengers in my bus got panic. There were some children also amongst passengers. They were asking for food to their mother. She had nothing with her to give as theirs was a short journey so she didn’t carry any eatable.
  • I had biscuits, snacks and food with me. Though I was also in need and besides this it was not certain that for how many more hours we had to wait there, yet I decided to give some biscuits and water to those children.
  • I shared snacks with other passengers also who had nothing to eat. All thanked me and I felt good at heart after sharing something with the needy one.
  • I realise now the importance of sharing and I am a friendly person now.

Describe a place which you found pleasant.

I am extremely fond of travelling to different places. I got a chance to visit the famous hill station during my summer break. I went to Simla, the place known as Queen of Hills.

  • I visited this place with my family members. It was getting hot in plain areas in summers, so we all decided to spend some days on hills.
  • I found the weather very pleasant there. It was colder there in comparison to my city. We booked our rooms in a comfortable hotel for five days.
  • We planned to go for different sightseeing on hillsides. I suggested going for hiking so that we could be near the nature.
  • Our hotel was amidst trees and it was relaxing, sitting out and enjoying the cool and gentle breeze, away from the worries of mundane activities.
  • There was no sign of pollution around. Everything was in it’s the best form. I had never got a chance to see the natural beauty from such proximity.
  • I was in no mood to come back into hot and humid environment but had no other option.
  • I yearn to go there again to experience the fine weather and to relax.






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