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WT-2 (AC) asked on 21st May, 2016

Children who commit crime and are less than 18 years should go for education rather than punishment. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

An unprecedented increase has been witnessed in juvenile crime these days in our society.  It is advocated that the minor offenders must not send behind the bars for their wrong doings. They ought to be empowered educationally instead of penalising. I, however, partially support this view. This essay will discuss in detail the reasons for disfavouring and favouring the given statement simultaneously.

The first and foremost factor responsible to determine the punishment should be the seriousness of the offence. The crime committed after careful planning needs to be dealt sternly. For instance, a serial law breaker must not go scot-free. If violations such as driving over speed or breaking traffic rules which eventually harm the lives are occurring repeatedly then teaching and counselling would be no help there. In such scenario, the punishment will be the only tool to deter the violator to commit crime.

Furthermore, the act affecting multitude of people, even acted by a minor, needs strict actions for the safety of the communities. The minors involved in hatching a plot of killing, human trafficking or child abuse are meant to punish in order to serve the warning to other same criminal minds.

On the other hand, some instances of breach are the sheer result of the lack of awareness of the outcome of those doings. These days the cyber crime is on rise. In most of the cases the children involved in cyber bullying or hacking lack the awareness on such issues. Then it becomes indispensable to educate them about the pros and cons of their actions. Last but not least, some other minor offences such as trespassing, involvement in street brawls and disobeying any rule for the first time, demands counselling and training.

To conclude, it is asserted that the punishment is not the sole solution in every situation. An impartial and judicious decision, taken to control the crime, is needed to adopt. The law enforcers have to ensure the fair justice to all.


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