Cue card topics

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Cue card topics of 23rd, 24th and 25th May, 2016


  • Talk about your best friend.


  • Talk about your ambition of life.



  • Talk about a sport which you want to play for the first time.


  • Talk about a person with whom you want to spend time.



  • Describe a dinner which you enjoyed with your friends.


  • Describe a place where there was water all around.



  • Describe a thing which you shared with someone.


  • Describe a person to whom you helped.



  • Talk about a mistake you did in your life.


  • Talk about a time when someone apologised to you.



  • Describe a novel you read recently.


  • Describe an important skill you learnt.


Kindly check previous posts for the ideas of above mentioned topics.

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