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Asked on 15th and 16th May, 2016

Talk about a person with whom you spend your most of the time.

I am not a sociable person. I spend most of my time, back from my college, at home. In this way I remain near to all my family members. But the person in whose company my days are passed happily is my loving and caring mother.

  • My mother is not a working lady. Ours is a business family so there is no obligation for her to work to support the family income. She is well qualified and skilful person.
  • She is a Ph.D. in English literature. She has gained many skills such as she is a good painter. She utilises her leisure time in making portraits, sceneries and she paints on vases, fabric, canvas and so on. I learn many things from her in my free time.
  • I must say, she cooks like a chef of any reputed hotel, her culinary skills are perfect. We both spend our entire evening in the kitchen preparing meal for the rest of the family.
  • I’m quite close to my mother. She is more a friend than a mother to me. I share all of my worries with her without any hesitation.
  • She is a god fearing and pious lady. Her habit of chanting hymns and reading scriptures in the morning and at night, before sleep, spreads the positive aura in our house.
  • She is revered like a goddess in our kith and kin because of her humility, down to earth nature and positivity.
  • I admit that these qualities of my mother do not let me go away from her. She is my whole world.
  • My father often says that she is the axis of our family unit. I enjoy my time which is spent with her a lot.
  • I pray to the Almighty for the long and healthy life of my mother.


Describe a large company in which you are interested to do work.

Though I am a student of business school yet but I have already made a selection of the company in which I would love to start my professional career.

  • This organisation is of repute in my country. It is India’s largest private sector enterprise. It deals in retail markets, telecom, petrochemicals and hydro projects also.
  • I have an innovative mind and I yearn always to do something unusual. I explored the market and found that this industrial house has ample avenues for the deserving candidates.
  • Sometimes, my friends mock at me for dreaming big but my principles guide me to think big and achieve big.
  • I see myself as a member of this vast industry in a couple of years. After completing my masters from the top most B-school of India I will join this organisation.
  • This company has a sort of monopoly in some sectors. They are leaders in communication industry.
  • Besides this, the contribution made by this house in the energy sector has made it familiar even in remote areas also.
  • My dream company has already spread out its wings in the international market also. The people associated with this organisation are always in all praise for the policies made for the employees.
  • I am putting the best efforts to score high in my academics so that I can fulfil my dream of working in this huge business house.





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