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Asked on 19th May, 2016

Describe a thing which is important to your family.

My grandfather is an antiquer so our house is replete with various antique items such as furniture, decorative items as vases, paintings and mantelpieces.

  • Here I would like to talk about one such item which is the proud possession of our clan.
  • This a large books cabinet along with a study table joined to it artistically. It is made of Victorian style and the date carved on the metallic legs of writing table takes it back into late 19th
  • My grandfather is a retired army officer and he bought this books’ shelf during his service period from a janitor of a huge residential fort in Rajasthan.
  • This books’ shelf has occupied the longest wall of the study room and thousands of books of my grandparents and parents are kept on it.
  • I have also made a niche for my course books also on it. I spend a couple of hours in our study room revising my college notes.
  • When I observe this cabinet, I wonder at the skills of its creator. Though it is more than a century old now yet its condition is good.
  • We haven’t seen any termite attack on this wooden piece. It seemed that it was treated in a proper manner against termite and fungal attack.
  • This cabinet lends a royal look to our study. My grandfather treats this antique piece as an asset of the family. I think he is right in feeling in this way as this item is the source of envy to the connoisseur friends of my grandfather.

Describe the time when you had difficult choices and later you realised it was a right choice.

Describe a special vacation which you enjoyed with your family.

Describe a novel which you read.

Describe a moment which made you little angry.

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