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Cue card topics of 17th May, 2016

Talk about any old thing which is still present in your house.

My grandfather is an antiquer so our house is replete with various antique items such as furniture, decorative items as vases, paintings and mantelpieces.

  • Here I would like to talk about one such item which is the proud possession of our clan.
  • This a large books cabinet along with a study table joined to it artistically. It is made of Victorian style and the date carved on the metallic legs of writing table takes it back into late 19th
  • My grandfather is a retired army officer and he bought this books’ shelf during his service period from a janitor of a huge residential fort in Rajasthan.
  • This books’ shelf has occupied the longest wall of the study room and thousands of books of my grandparents and parents are kept on it.
  • I have also made a niche for my course books also on it. I spend a couple of hours in our study room revising my college notes.
  • When I observe this cabinet, I wonder at the skills of its creator. Though it is more than a century old now yet its condition is good.
  • We haven’t seen any termite attack on this wooden piece. It seemed that it was treated in a proper manner against termite and fungal attack.
  • This cabinet lends a royal look to our study. My grandfather treats this antique piece as an asset of the family. I think he is right in feeling in this way as this item is the source of envy to the connoisseur friends of my grandfather.

Talk about a magazine or newspaper you read in the past.

I love reading books and magazines during my free time. I have got subscription of various newspapers and magazines. Some of the newspapers are fortnightly and monthly also. I read India today magazine on regular basis.

  • Here I would like to talk about its latest edition which I found quite interesting and informative.
  • I read this magazine first time at my friend’s home, a couple of months ago, and found it worth reading and spending money on it and borrowed the same from my friend to read at home later on.
  • I liked this magazine so much that I got the subscription in no time.
  • I found that the various facets of the society and system were touched impartially. The eloquence of the authors left me mesmerised. The political and current burning issues were written in such a rich style that it seemed that every written word has a power in it to transform the wrong into right.
  • The sarcasm on the politics was, though great but blunt.
  • I got information about top B-schools, IIMs and other reputed colleges of my country also. There was bollywood drama also. I read two reviews of recently released films also.
  • I enjoyed reading India today a lot then. I ‘m a regular reader of this magazine. I wait eagerly for every next edition of this magazine.

Describe a situation in which you got little angry.

I keep calm most of the time and seldom lose my temper. But, last week while was riding my scooter in the market something happened which made me lose my control over my temper and I argued with someone.

  • It was noon time and extremely hot outside. I went to the market to bring something important for house use.
  • I took the short cut route to reach in the market. The lane was narrow and one motorbike was going in front of me. He was riding his bike in the middle of the street. This annoyed me.
  • I blew the horn to let him realise that he had to drive in proper manner. He kept on going in the centre.
  • I kept patience and drove slowly behind him. Finally, he moved aside and I increased my speed to overtake him but all of sudden he turned his bike again in the middle and I collided with him.
  • He was an aged man and instead of realising his mistake he started yelling on me. I was shocked to see his attitude.
  • Some shopkeepers and walkers gathered around us.
  • I asked gently the pillion driver to stop shouting as all this happened because of his negligence. He started finding fault in me.
  • This attitude of his annoyed me and I answered him back sternly. Then he calmed down.
  • I was lucky enough that I got some bruises only on my left leg and ankle.
  • This entire incident disturbed me and I left for the market after apologising to the man as he was elder than me and I must not talk to him rudely. He also admitted his mistake.

Describe a skill you learnt in your childhood.

Childhood is the period when all learn new things quickly. I also learnt many new things at that age. The skill which I acquired with much difficulty was cycling.

  • Though I was elder than my brother but it was he who started cycling before me and he taught me afterwards.
  • I used to get scared easily that’s why couldn’t try my hand on how to ride a cycle.
  • My younger brother had adventurous nature; he tried his hand in every sport and activity. When he used to ride his bicycle I used to sit on the cycle carrier and enjoy the rides in our society.
  • I showed my interest to learn cycling. My brother gave me push by encouraging me. We both used to spend our entire evenings in the playground practicing the cycling.
  • In a couple of days, I learnt to make balance on the cycle and with his support I started pedalling alone in a short span.
  • It was a thrilling experience for me when I rode the cycle alone without any support. I felt like a bird flying in the open sky.
  • This skill of mine acquired in the childhood helped me a lot as I used to go to my college, also, on cycle to keep fit.
  • I must say that things learnt in childhood help a lot in later years of life.


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