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Media coverage of violent crimes frighten people and encourage criminals. Some people say media should not publish such news in newspaper and telecast on T.V

To want extent do you agree or disagree?

The rise in anti-societal activities, in contemporary world, is a huge threat to the peaceful ambience of the communities. Many state that the video and image capturing of gruesome killings horrify public whereas criminal minds feel thrilled after knowing about the incidents through print and electronic media. Therefore Journalism world should stop such reporting. I, however partially agree as the details of committed crimes, reported timely, help to take precautionary measures for the safety.

To begin with, newspapers and news channels play indispensable role in spreading awareness amongst the masses. The accidents happening in one part of the globe are reported to all through the media. This alerts the communities and administrators on the other ends eventually making the sheriffs and people more vigilant. For instance, an attack made by terrorists on public places, in one corner, will help the governments to tighten the noose around suspects, to avoid same fate in their regions, if reported timely.

Additionally, the media fraternity serves as the life line between the judicial system and public. The sting operations carried out by various television channels help to bring many skeletons out of the closets. The undue protection and favour of criminals is brought into limelight. Thus, the chances of the occurrence of same incidents are reduced. The public pressure do not let the offenders go scot-free, making other criminals understand the same fate would be theirs too. In this manner anti-social elements are deterred to continue with their evil doings.

Alternatively, the adverse impact of the media coverage of killings in bomb blasts, genocides and cold blooded murders often leave the viewers and readers dumbfounded. The spine-chilling effect of videos and images is far beyond imagination, especially on children. The blown out bodies and amputated limbs laying scattered in blood pools, when shown on television in news broadcast, afraid the masses.This creates commotion and the law enforcers have to face though time to bring matters under control. Besides this, the dramatizations of bank robberies and incidents of kidnapping and human trafficking, for instance, may sow the seeds of same crimes in the minds of law breakers. They many commit more serious offences by taking ideas from the sensationalised reporting of criminal activities. This eventually leads to increase in crime rate in the societies.

To conclude, it is drawn that though the media world is of a great help to the people in spreading awareness about crimes but a slight negligence, even happening unintentionally, may cause big threats for the world peace. The media people are required to be extremely cautious, while reporting, so that their jobs are taken as a boon not a bane.


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