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Some people say the moral values taught by the parents in a better way for a successful life are more important while others think knowledge or skills given by schools are more compulsory to achieve success. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

For the foundation of a strong personality, various factors contribute into its formation. The education and training gained in schools and colleges complement the moral, social and ethical values acquired from filial relationships. It will be unjustifiable to attach importance to any one opinion for its significance. The institutions of academic learning and family units are like two sides of a same coin, as having similar motives to achieve.

To begin with, the role played by formal teaching in schools and colleges is of extreme importance. The skills learnt inside the classrooms maximise the employability. The formal educational diplomas and degrees are basic requirements to enter into the professional world. The regular income in the form of monthly salary is needed to start a family life. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to learn hard skills of every profession, for earning money, to support the dependents in later years of life.

Additionally, to maximise the opportunities of grabbing the chances of job and to grow in the competitive world, specialised trainings are required. The skilful people enjoy an edge over their naive counterparts. For instance, a civil engineer involved in the construction of skyscrapers would be able to work confidently only if his qualification and trainings had been supervised by the experts of the same field, during study and internship periods. Thus, the formal education becomes mandatory to have.

On the flip side, the soft skills taught by the families during childhood in the form of interpersonal skills such as lending respect to others, behaving like responsible members of the communities and showing tolerance for various ideologies, make them much sought after human beings. Simultaneously, the inculcated values of fraternity and nationality in tender years of life turn the individuals into balanced humans. Furthermore, the strong family ties produce emotionally strong and stable human beings. The love and security experienced in the blood relationships make individuals sensible and caring people. Thus, the family upbringing determines the behaviour of people.

To conclude, it is affirmed that the skills and values acquired in workshops and families respectively are responsible in the making of the perfect human beings. If the role of one is negated, then the finest creation of the Almighty, a human, will be in loss and that will be a loss to the entire community.

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