Sample cue card of 1st June,2016

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Cue Card topics asked on 1st June, 2016.

Talk about a food you ate for the first time

What was that

When and where you ate

What you felt after eating

I’m very choosy about the food I take. I seldom try new dishes. My mother often chides me for being so adamant to not to try anything new.

  • We arranged a dinner for our new neighbours on last Saturday. As we are vegan so my mother keeps on trying her hand on various exotic recipes.
  • She made a dish of French beans mixed with fresh grated coconut.
  • I don’t like beans at all. I complained to my mother for making such dish. She suggested me to taste it first.
  • I shown my displeasure to her but on the insistence of our guests I took one spoonful of that vegetable and tasted it.
  • To my amusement, the taste of that was superb. The subtle use of coconut with French beans lent the dish south Indian flavour.
  • The white grated coconut sprinkled over green French beans was like a feast to my eyes.
  • I asked my mother the recipe of that dish as I liked that very much. Everyone present in the dining room was mocking at me. They made me realise my wrong attitude of being judgmental about new things.
  • I must say that since last Saturday I have eaten the same vegetable twice. Whenever I think about this I feel water in my mouth. It had a very rich taste. I told my friends about the same dish also and asked them to try at their own places also.

Talk about a computer programme or mobile app you use daily

Who recommended you

How it is useful to you

How much you use in a day

The technology is of the great help in our day to day activities. Our lives are more simplified nowadays in comparison to yester years because of the smart gizmos. Like other youngsters, I’m also fond of using smart phone and computers also.

  • The application which I found very helpful in my life is WhatsApp and it is on my mobile phone.
  • I was not aware about this when I got my smart phone. Then my friend told me to use this for messaging, chatting, sending pictures and even videos also to my kith and kin.
  • I have many relatives and acquaintances residing in different parts of the world. I remain in touch with them because of this wonderful application.
  • I wonder sometimes about the intelligence of the creators of this App. I think the developers must be surprised after seeing the popularity of their invention.
  • The wide use of this App has made it the indispensable part of modern communicative devices.
  • I use this often as it hardly costs any charges. I am sure that the people of contemporary world have become a sort of addict of its usage.
  • Many people change their display picture on WhatsApp contact number quite often and it keeps the friends updated about the status of others in the group. It is like a fun for many to post their strange looking poses in their display pictures.
  • I do check the pictures of my friends two three times in a day to check what they are doing exactly.
  • I must say that this application is used widely and is a great help to everybody.


Talk about the things you do in your routine to save the money.

I believe in the theory of small savings for safe future. I do various things daily for saving money directly and indirectly.

  • The first thing which I keep a note of is not wasting the electricity and water at my home.
  • I switch off extra bulbs and tubes in all rooms and use energy efficient electronic devices. My parents keep on telling my siblings and me to save the electricity and water as these two play essential role in our lives.
  • The scarcity of these two in our lives will create havoc so we all are supposed to save these.
  • Besides this, if we don’t run water unnecessarily in kitchen, bathroom and garden then there will be less need of refilling the water tank and this will eventually help us to cut down our electricity bill.
  • Furthermore, I prefer to watch T.V. together to save the electricity consumption instead of watching in personal rooms.
  • The next important measure is using the cooking gas wisely. My mother guides me to cook the food in pressure cooker and by covering the cauldrons and casseroles with their lids. I prepare food on low flame as well. This way of gas usage  indirectly helps us to save money.
  • Whenever I go to buy vegetables in the market I purchase cautiously. First I compare the price of 2-3 sellers only then I buy. In this way, I manage to save small money on regular basis.
  • In this way, I keep a note of small things to save money.

Talk about your favourite place in your town/city.

  • My city has lot many facilities to offer. The favourite spot of mine in my city is Elante Mall.
  • I visit this place often in the company of my friends. Our college is quite near to this mall. Most of the students visit this place for window shopping during their free lectures.
  • The first thing which we all do after going there is munching on various delicacies which are offered in different eateries.
  • For the delight of gourmets’ the food court of this mall is the major attraction. People satisfy their taste buds as national and international cuisines are made available here.
  • The multiplex cinema is another attention grabbing spot here in this mall. We often go there to watch movies. The seating arrangement in theses PVRs is comfortable.
  • Sometimes I have to take my nephew also to kids’ zone. I have to struggle a lot to control him while he enjoys on various play stations. I must say that I enjoy going there as the laughter of the kids playing there make feel relaxed in the company of loving children.
  • On the weekends and holidays people from nearby towns and villages also throng this mall. This is the favourite place for me and I think for others also. I really enjoy spending my time here.

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