WT2-Academic, 4th June ,2016

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WT2- (Academic Module) 4th June, 2016

In cities, an increasing number of people do not know their neighbours. There is no longer sense of community.

What do you think are the causes of this problem and suggest methods to solve it?

The modernisation, urbanisation and industrialisation have shrunk the geographic boundaries eventually the construction of high rising housings is seen around where people of various ethnic groups reside. Though people live in proximity but they seldom share warmth and love with next door neighbours. This sense of alienation is not healthy for individuals and societies. The root causes of this missing affection in relationships and the possible solutions of this worldwide problem will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

To begin with, the major cause of the indifference is the contemporary life style. The extremely busy schedule of city dwellers to meet the life commitments, which is often termed as metropolitan sophistication, opposite to rustic naivety, keeps people busy like a bee. The western work culture of 24×7 is adopted liberally across the global eventually giving birth to never sleeping cities. In such scenario, leading an isolated life is no surprise. Likewise, family members come and go at different times and seldom spend time together. A further reason is the multi-cultural environment inhibiting people from socialising as often the cultural and religious prejudices deter the individuals. The sad but realistic plight of so called modern world is that xenophobia has been nurtured for decades. These situations act like strong deterrents leading to the frigidity in human relationships.

Though the reasons of social estrangement seem deep rooted but solutions are easy to implement. The first and foremost step can be the spreading of awareness amongst masses about the significance of community bonding for leaving a healthy environment for our progeny. The exigency of the time is to provide conducive environment for the people to share their friendly feelings with their neighbours. For this, the local city councils can arrange cultural fests according to the origin and religion of the dwellers of their area. This will add into the holistic mental development of the people. By spending time together, people will get rid of their misconceptions about other races and will enjoy friendly relations without any doubt in mind. Thus, the happy and contended people will help to maintain the peaceful ambience of the societies.

To conclude, it is drawn that the aloofness in the behaviour of people is caused by the present lifestyle. However, a judicious planning of the division of time and energy will enable people to spare some time for social interactions. The joint efforts of authorities and common men may bring transformation in the existing scenario.


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