IELTS cue card asked on 11th June,2016

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Cue Card Topics of 11th June.

Describe a place where you went and wonder.

I am extremely fond of travelling to different places. I got a chance to visit the famous hill station during my summer break. I went to Simla, the place known as Queen of Hills. I was surprised with the natural beauty of this place.

  • I visited this place with my family members. It was getting hot in plain areas in summers, so we all decided to spend some days on hills.
  • I found the weather very pleasant there. It was colder there in comparison to my city. We booked our rooms in a comfortable hotel for five days.
  • We planned to go for different sightseeing on hillsides. I suggested going for hiking so that we could be near the nature.
  • Our hotel was amidst trees and it was relaxing, sitting out and enjoying the cool and gentle breeze, away from the worries of mundane activities.
  • There was no sign of pollution around. Everything was in it’s the best form. I had never got a chance to see the natural beauty in proximity.
  • I was in no mood to come back into hot and humid weather but had no other option.
  • I yearn to go there again to experience the fine environment and to relax.


Describe any newspaper or magazine you have read recently.

I love reading books and magazines during my free time. I have got subscription of various newspapers and magazines. Some of the newspapers are fortnightly and monthly also. I read India today magazine on regular basis.

  • Here I would like to talk about its latest edition which I found quite interesting and informative.
  • I read this magazine first time at my friend’s home, a couple of months ago, and found it worth reading and spending money on it and borrowed the same from my friend to read at home later on.
  • I liked this magazine so much that I got the subscription in no time.
  • I found that the various facets of the society and system were touched impartially. The eloquence of the authors left me mesmerised. The political and current burning issues were written in such a rich style that it seemed that every written word has a power in it to transform the wrong into right.
  • The sarcasm on the politics was, though great but blunt.
  • I got information about top B-schools, IIMs and other reputed colleges of my country also. There was bollywood drama also. I read two reviews of recently released films also.
  • I enjoyed reading India today a lot then. I ‘m a regular reader of this magazine. I wait eagerly for every next edition of this magazine.


  • Describe a family which is known to you except your own family.

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