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PTE Essay Asked on 6th June, 2016

Which is the best invention of last 100 years: antibiotics, computers or airplanes? Explain why?

The twentieth century is considered as the era of transition. Whatever has happened, till now, is certainly beyond the imagination of our predecessors. It is hard to acknowledge which is the best outcome of last hundred years whether antibiotics, computers or airplane. I reckon that the discovery of computer is the biggest achievement of the last century. This essay will explain the reasons for this support.

The computers have benefitted the humanity in umpteen ways. It is ubiquitous in modern lives. The usage of computer in medical sector is a boon for the mankind. It is needed to diagnose the ailments which might be a threat to life if not cured timely. A further advantage of this device is its use in defence system. The lethal weapons are invented and operated with computers. This helps the nations to restore the peace on their lands and assists them to protect themselves from the wrath of extremists.

In addition to this, the computer is used in navigation system in automotives. This has made commuting a hassle free activity. The daily travelling for work and leisure is made easy. Furthermore, smart phones, iPods, tablets and laptops are such equipment which are part and parcel of modern life. These days, it is easy to communicate with friends and acquaintances, irrespective of geographic boundaries, in no time. If computers had not been invented then the reality of comfortable living would be in dreams.

To conclude, computers are recognised, irrefutably, as the most beneficial invention of the last hundred years. The positive results of this discovery are uncountable. It is a boon, so far, but might be a bane if not used judiciously.















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