Sample cue card-14th June

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Cue card topic of 14th June, 2016


Describe any foreign language which you used to communicate in your school time.

  • I learnt different languages in my school time such has Hindi, Punjabi, English and Sanskrit.
  • Though we were good enough in using vernaculars but it was because of the initiative of our school principal which made us use a foreign language confidently.
  • English language is a second language in my country. Initially I didn’t have command over English but with the efforts of our language teacher I gained mastery over this.
  • Like other students of my school, I was hesitant to use this language as a medium of communication in school.
  • It was made a rule to speak in English only. Our principal was very stern over this issue.
  • He made us understand the importance of this Language as it is spoken across the globe. He told us that the proficiency in English may open various educational and professional avenues in future.
  • The encouragement and guidance provided by our English teacher made me adept in handling this language.
  • We all friends used to talk to one another inside the classroom, canteen and playgrounds in English Language only.
  • We practised a lot and the result is that we all are fluent speakers of English language. Now, we are studying in college and realise the significance of this foreign language.


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