Sample cue card-14th June,2016

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Cue card topics asked on 14th June, 2016

Talk about your best friend

  • My best friend is like a gem for me. I feel blessed in his company. He is my childhood companion and his name is Puneet.
  • Fortunately we are neighbours so most of our time is spent together.
  • We are age mates and share similar liking and disliking.
  • However, I admire Puneet for certain traits which I wish to possess. Like his name suggests purity, my friend is pure and pious at heart.
  • He is a true gentleman and remains always ready to help others. He is loved for his benevolence in our locality.
  • He teaches many children of less privileged sections, in the evening, after our college.
  • I often wonder at his stamina. He wakes up early at 5 in the morning and goes for morning walk. Then he spends some time in yoga and meditation. After coming back from our college, we study together and then he takes class of children in the evening for 2 hours.
  • He spends his weekends in community service. He often forces me to join him but sometimes I prefer to stay and relax at home by watching TV. But Puneet spends his time in charitable hospitals and community centres helping the patients and senior citizens.
  • I feel proud to be the friend of Puneet. He is commended by our college teachers and students also for his noble deeds.
  • May God bestow his blessings on him so that he can serve the humanity with his actions.


Talk about a leader you admire the most.

  • The political leader whom I admire the most is not a veteran in politics. But this doesn’t mean that he is a naive.
  • Presently, he is the Chief Minister of the capital city of my country.
  • He was in IRS department and after leaving his job he joined politics as an active member. Though he has been doing many things for the welfare of the common man for many years by running NGOs but he got huge followers after the declaration of a political party named as Aam Aadmi Party.
  • I am in all praise for this politician for his fair and square working system.
  • He initiated a crusade against the corruption which is prevalent in all public sectors. He vowed in his election manifesto also to remove the corruption. This is because of anti-corruption promise, his party won the election and he sworn in as the chief Minister of Delhi, the second time.
  • He has brought various changes in the government sector. He is keeping his promise, so far, to provide corruption free governance.
  • Like the youth of India, I have many more expectations from this man. I admire him for his farsightedness.


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