Sample Essay (PTE) asked on 6th June

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PTE essay asked on 6th June, 2016

Sports and games create disturbance in students’ life because students cannot fully concentrate on their studies. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

The academic curriculum requires to be diversified for the intellectual as well as physical development of the pupils. It is sometimes opined that activities except academic distract the students from their studies. I, however, strongly oppose this statement.  This essay will discuss in detail about the exigency of co- curricular activities in student life.

The most important reason of the need of sports practice is in the form of fitness provided by physical activities. It is commonly said that a healthy body keeps a healthy mind. The exercises, done in playground, make body robust and agile. The endurance gained through sports and games keeps body fit and reduces the chances of falling sick. This eventually helps the pupils to avoid taking sick leaves and their regular presence in schools and colleges benefit them in their education.

A further reason of having sports period in educational institutions is to break the monotonous timetable. The focus on course study only de-motivates the learners. They may nurture disliking against their studies. If games break is included in the routine schedule, then the chances of getting bored from study will be less. Besides this, playing football, volleyball, cricket and racing together teaches the pupils the importance of team work. They learn to accept the failures without much emotional turmoil. These skills help in academics also in the case students get low grades in studies.

To conclude, it is drawn that sports activities are no hurdle in focusing on education rather these are integral part of the entire curricula. The need is to strike a balanced approach between class work and sports.




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