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WT2 (academic) asked on 16th June, 2016

In some countries, schools arrange short term unpaid jobs for teenagers in companies or institutes to enhance their overall experience. To what extent it is beneficial to teenagers as well as to companies or institutes?

Going on unpaid internship, of young boys and girls, is in vogue in many countries these days. This practice is being advocated for the benefits it imparts to employees and employers. Along with the advantages, of doing volunteer work, downsides are also observed. This essay will throw light on the losses of this trend despite of the gains for workers and the bosses.

The major drawback, of working without being paid wages for the same, is poor performance of the volunteers. The human propensity does not allow the adolescents to work up to the mark as money the strong driving force is not being provided. This habit of shirking from job responsibilities will act like a strong deterrent in professional growth in later years of life. Simultaneously, the employer has to bear the loss if the targets of the organisation are not achieved on time because of the non serious volunteer workforce.

Alternatively, the major advantage is the first hand experience gained during studies. These work opportunities broaden the vision of the learners. The practical work done in the field along with theory makes concepts clear easily. For instance, students studying civil engineering, if given chance to work in the projects of construction of road and bridges, will learn many valuable things from real life experiences. Thus, the honorary work will eventually benefit in securing good employment.

In addition to this, the business establishments often take the help from volunteer workers to complete their tasks. The group of people working for no money adds in to the profit of the company as the expenditures are reduced. To examplify, the students of hotel and management studies work in McDonalds, Subways and Starbucks. Their services are sought after to take orders at takeaways also. This helps to cater to the clients at peak hours.

Conclusively, it is observed that unpaid work is not harmful for the workers and employers if done with positive attentions. The need is to make both the parties realise the seriousness of the done work.



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