Sample WT2-18th June,2016

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WT2- 18th June, 2016

Some people think that government should pay for health care and education while others think this is not the responsibility of government. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

The governmental accountability of providing medical and educational facilities to its people is advocated by many. Whereas, another opposite view negating the answerability of authorities for the same is also prevalent. I, however, reckon that the undue support from the government is not justifiable but at the same time the responsibility of making the required infrastructure available is counted.

To begin with, the advocators of governmental aid support their reason by referring to the fundamental rights of the people to have access to free medicine and education. It is argued as the obligatory job of the administration to take care of the well being of the denizen along with educating them. Additionally, the tax payers claim to have their dues back in the form of free advanced medical treatment in case of emergencies such as expensive surgeries. Simultaneously, it is opined that by educating the population government is ensuring the growth of the country as skilful people will add in to the development of the nation. Thus, the governments are required to help people in their health and literacy related issues.

On the flip side, the dissenters of the view expect government to spend the finances in more worthy causes such as establishing industry for the empowerment of masses. This will help the people to support their livelihood.  The financial independence will produce balanced human beings eventually benefiting the society by reducing the crime rate. Furthermore, the establishment of colleges, universities and research centres is no doubt the responsibility of the leaders running states but offering higher education and training for no cost is not understandable. Besides this, the expenditure on acquiring land for constructing multi speciality hospitals, hiring experienced medical practitioners and procuring sophisticated equipment is already a heavy toll on states. In such scenario, these facilities if provided free may be misused.

To conclude, I firmly state that the freebies given to the people often lose their value soon. It is irrefutable that governments are bound to provide conducive support system for its people .However, overburdening the state treasury for meeting personal needs is not appreciable. The people have to generate adequate finances, by working, from the resources provided by the governments to look after themselves and their dependents.



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