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Cue Card Topics of 1st July, 2016

Talk about a skill which you learnt during your childhood.

  • The childhood time is the learning time in the life of all.
  • Skills learnt during this phase of life pay in the later years.
  • Here I would like to talk about one such skill I learnt and did in the school days that is painting.
  • We used to have an arts period on every Saturday and it was compulsory for all the students to attend that class.
  • Our arts teacher motivated us in such a way that we all young artist started painting different images with our imagination.
  • In my 8th standard, I got a chance t represent my college in an inter school painting competition, which was held in our school.
  • I painted a beautiful picture of Mother Earth on canvas with oil colours and used some real objects also like leaves and flowers.
  • All the students, teachers and judges of the competition were amazed at my performance.
  • Everybody praised me for my clear hand and imagination.
  • I painted a novel idea on canvas, the Mother earth talking to its entire flora and fauna. I depicted this by using some symbols and to show the conversation I translated the same in English and wrote some messages also.
  • All were impressed with my thinking and I bagged the first position among 20 participants.
  • This encouraged me a lot and I kept on participating in all school fetes and received appreciation for my creations.
  • I still love painting and this activity has become my favourite pastime activity and I enjoy it a lot.



Childhood is the period when all learn new things quickly. I also learnt many new things at that age. The skill which I acquired with much difficulty was cycling.

  • Though I was elder than my brother but it was he who started cycling before me and he taught me afterwards.
  • I used to get scared easily that’s why couldn’t try my hand on how to ride a cycle.
  • My younger brother had adventurous nature; he tried his hand in every sport and activity. When he used to ride his bicycle I used to sit on the cycle carrier and enjoy the rides in our society.
  • I showed my interest to learn cycling. My brother gave me push by encouraging me. We both used to spend our entire evenings in the playground practicing the cycling.
  • In a couple of days, I learnt to make balance on the cycle and with his support I started pedalling alone in a short span.
  • It was a thrilling experience for me when I rode the cycle alone without any support. I felt like a bird flying in the open sky.
  • This skill of mine acquired in the childhood helped me a lot as I used to go to my college, also, on cycle to keep fit.
  • I must say that things learnt in childhood help a lot in later years of life.


Describe a situation when you helped any needy person.

  • Who was that person?
  • Which type of help you did?
  • What were your feelings after that situation?


  • We, human beings live in a cultured society, where extending help to one another is the rule of thumb for existence.
  • People generally help those who are known to them. However, I feel that we must be ready to support others, in need.
  • Last month, when I was coming back from Delhi via train, I got a chance to help someone in need.
  • I was reluctant initially to talk to an unknown co passenger but I felt pity for that aged lady, who was struggling hard to get some room to sit.
  • It was the night time and she boarded the train from New Delhi railway station. The train compartment in which I had my reservation was full to its capacity. There was no vacant seat.
  • I could see her standing near the door with her luggage. The train left its station and got its speed. All the doors were closed and all went to sleep.
  • I approached her and asked the reason of standing there. She told me that due to an emergency at her home she had to make her plans in hurry so she couldn’t arrange a booked seat for herself. She was going to Pathankot.
  • I requested her to share my seat. She denied but after my insistence agreed. I offered her some food also. She was moved with my gestures and was in thanks. We exchanged our contact numbers also.
  • My destination was Ludhiana. I boarded off the train there and requested other passengers to help her in any need.
  • I received the call from the same lady next evening. She thanked me for making her journey comfortable.
  • I felt contended after knowing that no passenger came afterwards on my seat and she kept on sitting there till reaching at her destination.
  • I was happy at heart after helping someone in need.




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