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Writing Task-2 GT asked on 27th June, 2016

Some people think that watching sports is the wastage of time during the leisure time activities. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

The free time, taken out from busy schedule, is meant for physical and mental relaxation by doing various actions according to individual likings. Many may say, and I agree that the spare time devoted to simply watching games is not appreciated rather to be used in other ways. Therefore, the downsides of watching sports on televisions or in stadiums will be discussed in the forthcoming paragraphs.

The modern life style is quite hectic and people are left with no time to rejuvenate their low minds and bodies. To restore the energy level, the free time is used in watching football, hockey and cricket in the comfortable sofas. No doubt, this brings cheer into life but at the stake of estrangement in social ties. The little free time is usurped in living rooms by sitting in front of big screens. Otherwise, playing outside with friends may turn more fruitful for stress free mind.

Besides this, to keep a healthy body, some physical activities are must. The lack of workout leads to stiff joints and muscles, hampering the easy movement in later years of life. The sweltering bodies, after robust exercise regime, drain numerous toxics from the bodies. Moreover, the fresh air present outside acts like nectar to the respiratory system. Thus, watching sports alone is not enough but the participation in games benefits from many aspects.

Adding further, there is no dearth of doing other things except looking at players playing certain games. If there would be no variation in pastime actions then the boredom is much likely to appear. To change the mundane routine and add spice into life, must try hand in other leisure time games which could be indoor or outdoor. In this way, major health issues such as weak eye sight, obesity and high cholesterol level can be controlled to some extent and this will lead to longevity.

To conclude, out of many, some drawbacks of watching sports during spare time have been discussed and it is evident that this time can be spent in other useful activities such as community work and socialising with people for personal growth.



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