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Writing Task -2 Sample Answer

In order to improve the quality of education high school students should be encouraged to evaluate and criticise their teachers but some think it will result in loss of respect and discipline in classroom. Discuss both the views.

The role of educators in imparting the excellent knowledge to their pupils has been attached value to, since ages. It is opined that for the up liftment and sustainability of academic deliverables’ , students can be allowed to assess the performance of tutors. However, the existence of opposite view claiming the negative impact of such in class rating requires attention too. This essay will throw light on both opinions to review them .

The advocators of first thought support their views by citing the example of human propensity of doing well under pressure. When it is known that they are being observed their eustress acts like a strong driving force and the results are generally remarkable. The same happens in classrooms and teachers show outstanding performance, for the surprise of all, while their students listen to them to analyse. Besides this, the entire process of observations has many blessings in disguise for the learners too. Needless to say, the responsibility of judging the tutors turns the students into active and attentive learners. Their focused attention towards teaching material and methodology makes them achieve high grades. Thus, the feedback method is a win-win situation for both the educators and educatees.

However, the dissenters consider the entire procedure as  harmful one. The biggest blow is to the self-esteem of the teachers, which is hammered, when naives pass comments on the knowledge and experience of class teachers. It is unjustifiable and non-understandable that people with a little knowledge are being assigned with the task of rating the trained and certified faculty. On the top of this, the learning conducive environment will be spoilt by the the dubious feelings. The strained relationships of teachers and disciples ruin the classroom settings eventually leading to loss of respect and trust on both sides. If the learning process is disrupted then the purpose of coming to school will not be fulfilled and all the governmental and human efforts will be wasted. This will lead to a bad situation where an army of ever demanding and unsatisfied youngsters will raise questions on educational pedagogy.

To conclude, it is observed that the idea of giving the right to learners to judge their teachers is helpful in many situations but the negative affects can not  be ignored. All what is needed, to adopt a balanced approach which can fulfill the real purpose of executing such procedures.



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