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Sample ideas of recent cue card topics- July, 2016

Describe your personality and character.

It is interesting to speak about oneself. I would like to describe my personality traits some of which are strong side of my character whereas some are weak.

  • My very name reflects my personality. I often think that when my parents gave me this name in my infancy then they must had some imaginary observations in their mind that their son would be like this. Now, I reckon that I match their expectations.
  • I’m a positive person and it is rarest of the rare that I feel low. This is the greatest strength of my personality.
  • My friends often feel envious for me when they see me in high spirits always.
  • I have to buck up them in adverse situations such as during exam days and whenever they get low score in their projects.
  • Besides being optimistic, I’m very friendly. I must say that I am a people person. I make friends with strangers easily.
  • This is the reason that I don’t feel alone. My social circle is quite big and this quality of mine makes me popular amongst my age mates in my college.
  • I am a hard worker also. I never give up things easily. If I decide to do something then I put all of my efforts with full determination to achieve that target.
  • I am in all thanks to my parents who have nurtured these qualities in my personality.


Talk about the most favourite season in your country.

Spring is certainly the best season of the year. Most of the people are fond of this and it is the favourite season of poets. It is also called the queen of seasons.


Millions of people in my country enjoy spring season and I’m also one of them. This is the time when nature can be seen reaching at its the best.

  • Starting from mid February to April are the spring months in my country. After the harsh days of bone -chilling winter, spring brings happiness and enjoyment into lives.
  • The weather is pleasant and comfortable in this season. Spring is neither hot nor cold. The temperature remains at moderate level.
  • As the spring season sets in, the earth looks lovely and charming. The trees put forth new leaves.
  • The earth wears green mantle and it looks like paradise. I enjoy my walks in the green fields.
  • Many lovely flowers bloom during this season.
  • When people walk in the gardens they are enchanted by the dazzling colours of flowers.
  • Children can be seen running behind beautiful butterflies which move from one flower to another to collect the juice for making honey.
  • I must say that spring is the season of charming sounds. The sound of humming bees in the garden and the sweet notes of cukoo birds enthral people.
  • It is needless to say that spring season offers great pleasures. It brings extraordinary beauties and charms.
  • I reckon that the beauties of spring makes us forget all worries and sorrows as we find lot many pleasant sights and melodious notes during spring.

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