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Cue card topics of 1st– 5th August,2016

  1. Talk about a person whom you helped.
  • When did you help
  • Who the person was
  • How did you feel after helping.
  1. Talk about a perfect job.
  • What is that job
  • Who recommended you this job
  • Why do you feel it is perfect
  1. Talk about your own personality.
  • Your quality which everyone likes
  • Your attractive feature
  • Which improvement you want to bring in yourself
  1. Talk about an interesting animal you saw.
  2. Talk about your best friend.
  3. Describe any mistake from which you learnt something.
  4. Talk about an interesting place which is open for public.
  5. Talk about any leader whom you admire( sports person/politician).
  6. Talk about any short vacation you had.
  7. Talk about a day when you missed your important work due to weather.
  8. Which recent activity of yours have positive impact on you?
  9. Talk about a photograph of yours.
  10. Talk about a situation when you made difficult choice at your work place.
  11. Talk about a novel or story you read.
  12. Talk about any activity you did in your school time.

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