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Writing Task -2 (General Training)

In some countries students spend a lot of time in doing home work. Is it a positive or negative development?

Most of the educational institutions, across the globe, assign home tasks to their pupils which usurp hours out of their routine to complete. The reason behind these assignments could be for the better performance in academics, however, for me it is not in the favour of learners in any manner.

The first reason for disagreement is that over indulgence in any work develops boredom quickly. If after school hours will be spent in revising the classroom work or doing new tasks, disinterest will be shown. For instance, repeating class notes at home may bring monotony and young children may start hating their studies. Therefore, the outcome of this practice will be quite opposite than expectation: an army of shirkers. Thus, spending long hours on finishing off homework is not beneficial.

A further reason is the adverse impact on the holistic development of the educatees. Apropos of a common maxim, ‘no play only work, makes jack a dull boy’, the lack of recreation time will transform the students into book worms. Undoubtedly, the forthcoming generations will be more erudite but at the stake of perfect health. Less physical activities may become the cause of common ailments which in long term can be chronic such as obesity leading to heart problems, diabetes and hypertension. In such scenario, the necessity of free time to use for physical well-being is credited.

Last but not least, children will become less sociable if they do not play and spend time outside. Their social tie-ups will be weak and they tend to develop behavioural problems. This situation will create threat to the peaceful ambience of the communities as less affectionate and warm people will develop many complexes towards other humans. The incidences of racial discrimination and bloody skirmishes, on the name of origin and religion, will surge.

In conclusion, it is asserted that spending too much time on doing home work is not a positive development. In order to minimise the adverse impacts of this practice, judicious actions are needed to take which will help learners academically as well as personally.


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