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Writing task -2

In many parts of the country household wastage like food packaging is increasing. What can be the causes of this problem and suggest some solutions also.

In the world of consumerism and e-commerce, much importance is attached to the wrapping of the goods with no exception to the food items packed in tetra packs, cans and throw able bowls and bottles. This trend has given birth to the heaps of garbage collected from domestic and commercial sectors. This essay will throw light on the possible reasons of this trash and will guide to work on some measures to reduce the intensity of this menace.

The reasons of the problem are the possible outcomes of three ‘isations”: industrialisation, urbanisation and modernisation. The industrial revolution thronged the millions of people from the rural sprawls towards the urban. To serve the food to hungry workforce, residing in cities, where food supply was insufficient, milk, grains, vegetables and fruits had to be transported from far flung areas with the same scenario in modern world as well. The sacks, wooden boxes and barrels of yester decades are now converted into plastic ware.

Furthermore, to make the situation worst, the consumers are exploited aesthetically by the attractive covers of the household goods and eatables. Besides this, the human propensity is dragging them into world of show off. For them, ‘all that glitters is gold’, now. Last but not least, the easiness of un- wrapping the goods, consuming and throwing in bins has made their lives comfortable but the tonnes of garbage: recyclable and non- recyclable are imposing big threats to the environment and challenges to the environmentalists.

If the problem is this much severe, the solutions must be rational and applicable. There are umpteen ways with which the ever increasing problem of garbage can be addressed to. The first concrete step is creating awareness amongst the people to shun the non-recyclable wrappers. Otherwise, our slice of earth will be denuded of living space and trash pollution will pose a great threat to the flora and fauna.

A further solution can be the development of more food parks in the vicinity of metro cities and the construction of crop growing skyscrapers (known as vertical farming) in the heart of cities. This practice will encourage the consumers to collect the veggies, grains and fruits from the collection centre and reduce the usage of transportation and the time involved in it. In this manner, packaging of food items will be discouraged and instead of preference for frozen and canned food, fresh will be used more frequently. Furthermore, dairy farming can be encouraged by providing space for the livestock in the vicinity of cities. The collection of milk and other dairy products directly from the dairy will control the overuse of bottles, cans and buckets.

To conclude, it is drawn that the use of packets, wrappers and plastic ware for storing and transporting food items is indispensable part of life, the only need is to stop the overuse. Non-recyclable and toxic containers can be replaced with paper bags, glass containers and cloth or jute sacks.


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