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Cue card topics of 17th September, 2016

Talk about a thing (dish) which you ate first time.

You should say

When you ate it,

Where you ate it,

What it was,

and how you felt about it.

  • I’m going to speak about a dish I tried first time at my friend’s place in a party last week.
  • It was a sweet pudding made of different sprouts. Initially, I was bit reluctant to munch on it as I always had a disliking for sprouts. Moreover, for me, every eatable must be a treat for eyes first and that was certainly not.
  • My friends chided me for being prejudiced and urged me to taste a spoonful of it however I was unable to swallow that.
  • Finally, the mother of my friend gave an idea to me to savour it first then eat.
  • I must say, the aroma of that dish was tantalising and I gobbled two full spoons of that pudding.
  • I was told about the benefits of sprouts by all and my friends took a word from me to eat sprouts in this or that way.
  • I requested the mother of my friend to tell me the recipe of the dish. I wrote on a paper about the pulses required to make sprouts.
  • Afterwards, I told my mother about those ingredients and she also tried her hand on that and everybody in the family liked that dessert.





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