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Writing Task-2

Nowadays, children spend lots of time on watching T.V. and playing games on computer. Some people think it damages their mental ability. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The practice of spending hours in front of television screens and enjoying games on computers, iPads and mobile phones by children is ubiquitous and is a great concern to the health aficionados. Many argue and I also agree with the adverse impacts laid by sophisticated gizmos on the cognitive abilities of children, however, the benefits of its usage outweigh the dark side precisely.

The noticeable drawback of the overuse of T.V. and computer is the stress experienced by young children. They become addict and compromise with their well-being and education. Hours at a stretch are usurped by computer games. The recent example of Pokemon is not hidden from anyone. The risk involved in this game lead toward its ban in many countries. Therefore, the adverse impact is visible.

Alternatively, the pro views argue that the most common baby sitter: television, of contemporary world is more a magic box than an idiot box, as often termed. The edu-comp program in some countries has helped greatly in primary education sector. Likewise, the provision of getting subscription of learning programs, specially during school holidays, have helped to enhance the knowledge and sharpen the mental abilities. Numerous courses related to creative writing, art and craft, abacus and oral communication skills have proved their worth of getting enrolment in such courses. Thus, the educative benefits of television programs are great.

Simultaneously, computer games, undoubtedly, are designed for recreation originally, but their usage, not overuse, helps to make the reflexes prompt. Children develop the technique of eye-fixation by focusing on more than one point at a time. Some games teach them essential values such as road traffic rules which are learnt while playing racing games. Besides this, they become quick decision makers and it helps in later years of life. They also learn to face challenges without getting intimidated. Such examples support the popularity and demand of computer games.

To conclude, it is drawn that excess of everything is bad. If used under control, these sophisticated gizmos can do many wonders but opposite can be disastrous. I assert that under elderly supervision, television programs and video games can assist the children for their betterment.


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