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Sample Cue Card

Talk about any tall building.

  • I’m going to speak about the tallest building of the world which stands at the height of 829 metres and this super tall structure is known as the Burj Khalifa and located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • This mega structure is an epitome of neo-futurism and breaks all the boundaries of architectural advancements.
  • It is a mixed – use establishment which houses 30,000 homes, nine hotels, 19 residential towers, the Dubai mall and 12 hectare artificial Burj Khalifa Lake.
  • This mega tall skyscraper has broken numerous records by attaining the position of the world’s tallest free standing structure, world’s highest outdoor observation deck, world’s highest night club, world’s second highest outdoor swimming pool, world’s highest restaurant and many more.
  • This building was opened in 2010 as a part of new development called Downtown Dubai.
  • Since its opening, it has been the centre of attraction to the millions of tourists around the globe who come to have a look on this majestic structure.
  • This magnificent structure provides amazing view of Dubai and adjoining cities from the top floors.
  • I’m quite excited and also planning to see this tall building in near future as the facts about this building enchant me. I wish to experience the thrill after visiting this place which is known for its grandeur.




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