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Sample Cue Card

Talk about any business you want to open in future.

  • Here I would like to speak about the business I’m planning to open in near future. It will be an art studio.
  • I have strong passion for painting and have been using this genre as my leisure time activity since my childhood. I started this hobby in school and soon developed a fancy for this skill.
  • I decided now to utilise this talent of mine professionally thus decided to start my own venture in the form of an art studio where I would deal in customised articles.
  • I’ve already sent this information in my social links and my friends are also excited as they would be able to get my creations often.
  • The premises for this studio has been finalised and the inside furnishings are going on in full swing.
  • My excitement is giving me tough time to wait for the inauguration which I have planned for the next month.
  • I think this activity will let me give wings to my imagination and for me doing something creative is the only medium of relaxation. I’m hopeful that I’ll enjoy my new responsibility.
  • Besides this, my family is at my support and they are encouraging me to take this initiative.
  • I’m keeping my fingers crossed as I’ve some inhibitions too, whether I would be able to manage between my family and my business life or not. However, I am working hard these days to plan things in an orderly manner.


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