IELTS cue card topics

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Recent IELTS cue card topics:

  • Talk about what you do to save your money.
  • Talk about the famous tradition of your country.
  • Talk about an interesting thing you have done recently on your weekend.
  • Talk about an interesting public place.
  • Talk about an expensive activity you did.
  • Talk about any happy event that you organised.
  • Talk about a city in other country where you would like to work for a short time.
  • Talk about a journey you often do but you dislike.
  • Describe any garden.
  • Describe a website that you often visit.
  • Talk about the time when you got up early in the morning.
  • Describe an artist you admire.
  • Talk about your favourite song.
  • Describe a sport centre where you usually go to play.
  • Describe a team work you did in past.
  • Talk about a gift that you gifted to someone recently.

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