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Sample answer of IELTS cue card:

Talk about the way of saving money.


Talk about something you do to save money.

  • I’m not a spendthrift and keep note of small things to save money in my routine life.
  • Here I would like to speak about one such habit of mine which helps me to save some money from my monthly expenditure.
  • It is about consuming electricity wisely and smartly.
  • Thanks to my parents for inculcating this habit in me in my childhood. They taught me to switch off my study lamp before leaving study table and turn off fan and air conditioner and all the lights in my room before moving out.
  • I’ve become habitual of these things now and practice these at my work place also. Most of the time, I switch off electronic gadgets such as computer, printer and fans, running at odd time, in my colleagues cubicles also.
  • At my home, I prefer to sit in my living room and ask other family members also, instead of sitting in their own rooms. In this way one ceiling fan can be used instead of many.
  • Besides this, in the morning I open doors and curtains from the windows to let the daylight pour in. This allows me to switch off all the tube lights and bulbs.
  • Sometimes, I quarrel with my family members too for wasting electricity.
  • I wish that everybody save this power and reduce the unnecessary burden on their pockets.

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