General Training Essay-(19th Nov.)

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WT-2 (General Training)

During holidays, many people go on foreign trips and stay in hotels but they do not go for country sightseeing and interact with the local people. Give your own opinion on this.

Holidays are meant for relaxation, many prefer to stay at home and many plan to go out: to other states or countries. It is observed, sometimes, that during overseas trips some tourists spend most of time inside the hotel rooms and some move out to mingle with the local people. For me, such preferences of tourists are purely personal as for some relaxation comes out from sleep whereas others find wandering up and down more enchanting.

Every human body and brain requires break from mundane personal and professional commitments.  Going on excursions with friends and family adds spice into life. With an unprecedented boom in tourism industry more and more people plan holiday tours to unseen and offshore destinations.  The tourists on eco- tourism book resorts on the beach side, hillside and in the woods also. Such people come with the sole motive of enjoying the beauty of that place. They go camping, trekking, paragliding and for other adventure sports. Such events make them meet the natives and these cross cultural and regional get together help them unwind their self.

Alternatively, people fatigued out with stress at workplace yearn for peace and sleep. If they go away from their job on holidays their preference generally remains to go to spa for rejuvenating their body and mind. Besides massage therapy, meditation sessions help them to ease their nerves. Such sessions do not let the tourists go out for long time. Another trend is seen these days: visiting detoxify clinic. A huge proportion of tourists go for this very holiday type. They have to follow a certain regime during their treatment days. Thus their outdoor activities and movements are lessened.

To conclude, it is drawn that spending holidays where, when and how depends on the discretion of the people according to their personalised needs. This activity must not be generalised, therefore, I opine that the prime motive of holidays is relaxation and fun which can be achieved through any manner.



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