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Sample answer of cue card:

Describe your pet.

  • I’ve got a pet at home and it keeps me busy. It’s very adorable and I love spending time with it after my classes. It is a white coloured cat.
  • I got this cat two years ago from my friend’s home. Since then i have been taking care of this at home.
  • I keep it in a cat’s house which is beautifully made. I grabbed an idea for cat’s house from the internet. It is an outdoor house kept in the one corner of my garden. It has two stories and made of wood. It looks like a miniature bungalow from distance.
  • My pet cat is named as Angelica and is the favourite of my grandparents also.
  • They take it along with them for a stroll in the nearby park.
  • I keep a note of its food and health and take it for medical check-up at regular intervals.
  • All of my friends and relative like my pet. Whenever my friends come at my place, my pet follows them lovingly. One of my friends Tina extremely loves Angelica and carries it in her lap most of the times.
  • I must say that keeping a pet at home is a serious job as one has to look after the animal as one’s own baby. No doubt, the pets also love a lot their master however I realise that I have become a responsible person now who first gives food to the pet then takes for self.



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