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IELTS WT-2 ( 19th November, 2016)

Some people say that nowadays many problems have been solved with international cooperation. Do you agree or disagree with this statement.

The world of today is facing numerous problems: political, economical and social. Many of these troubles are resolved with mutual understanding amongst nations however, in some cases the global consensus is not achieved. I think, the gravity of the matter determines whether accordance can be attained or not.

Most of the countries are threatened by internal wars. The radicals are giving tough times to the governments. In such intense situation, international community comes forward to assist the suffering nation. Global leaders sit together to discuss the issue and through cross table talks they try to resolve the matter. For instance, the whole world is at the gun point of terrorists who create havoc in the lives of people. Till now, world leaders have succeeded in restoring the peace to a great extent. Thus, international agreement on some major issues is conducive for the growth of all nations.

Another commendable support is lent by nations to one another during natural catastrophic situations: volcanic eruption, earthquake, typhoon, drought and flood. The international aid assists the affected country to provide food and shelter to its people. Besides this, the feelings of compassion are strengthened amongst people. Hence, global support is essential for the humanity.

Alternatively, some of the countries in strife with their neighbouring nations have to face the music of extremist activities. Many examples are available where one religious group rules and disturbs the peace of rest of the countries. Such cold war inside the country makes difficult for the citizens also and people migrate to other nations. This legal or illegal migration disturbs world economy also.

It is evident that undoubtedly, international cooperation has helped to eradicate most of the evils from the planet still, lot more is required.



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