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Cue Card Sample Answer:

Describe your favourite App in mobile.

  • I am going to speak about an application which I use usually in my cell phone and I’m pretty sure that like me other youngsters also feel that this app is their life line.
  • It is WhatsApp and like its name says what an app is it? This application is amazing because of its usage.
  • I use it to communicate with my friends and family. I send messages, photos and video clips through it.
  • I started using this App last year when I got my first smart phone. I was extremely excited then as I found it interesting and used to spend hours in chatting with my friends.
  • Another feature of this App is sending voice message which I like a lot. It is easy to send message without even typing words.
  • This App is used without any cost so there is no burden on my pocket.
  • All of my friends have got smart phones and we all exchange videos and share other interesting information.
  • Now I feel that with the help of this application I remain in contact with all of my acquaintances who reside around the globe and I am glad.


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