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Writing Task-2

Some people say that rich people should always be ready to help the poor people.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement.

Every society is divided, majorly, into two sections: affluent and underprivileged. It is often argued that the wealthy people are expected to lend a helping hand to the deprived, at all times. I have partial agreement with this view point.

The life is precious and the fundamental right of every living being for health benefits may seek help from the wealthy people. In critical conditions where poor are in need of money for medical emergency such as cardiac arrest, assistance can be provided to save the life on humanitarian grounds. However, sometimes, greedy people try to extort money from the rich in accident cases as a penalty. This malpractice makes difficult for the actual needy one to get assistance at right time.

Alternatively, the obligatory action of providing help to the unfortunate by the prosperous sets wrong trends. The poor people become lethargic and they shirk work and always look towards the rich for help. If wealthy people work to earn money, poor can also do the same to improve their lot. In this way, mandatory help is not justifiable.

Simultaneously, the market remains in need of workers always. Employers keep on looking for the workforce for their businesses and complain for the shortage of labour. This is all because the poor expect to get help from others without even doing any work. This mindset is unfavourable for the rich and poor. The clash between two sections of the society spoils the peaceful ambience. Thus, undue help to the poor will create more harm than the goodness.

Conclusively, I assert that the help rendered to the needy in exceptional cases is understandable. Conversely, making help as an obligation will diminish the very feeling of concern for humankind, present behind it.





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