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Sample answers: Writing task -2

In many parts of the country household wastage like food packaging is increasing. What can be the causes of this problem and suggest some solutions also.

In the world of consumerism and e-commerce, much importance is attached to the wrapping of the goods with no exception to the food items packed in tetra packs, cans and throw able bowls and bottles. This trend has given birth to the heaps of garbage collected from domestic and commercial sectors. This essay will throw light on the possible reasons of this trash and will guide to work on some measures to reduce the intensity of this menace.

The reasons of the problem are the possible outcomes of three ‘isations”: industrialisation, urbanisation and modernisation. The industrial revolution thronged the millions of people from the rural sprawls towards the urban. To serve the food to hungry workforce, residing in cities, where food supply was insufficient, milk, grains, vegetables and fruits had to be transported from far flung areas with the same scenario in modern world as well. The sacks, wooden boxes and barrels of yester decades are now converted into plastic ware.

Furthermore, to make the situation worst, the consumers are exploited aesthetically by the attractive covers of the household goods and eatables. Besides this, the human propensity is dragging them into world of show off. For them, ‘all that glitters is gold’, now. Last but not least, the easiness of un- wrapping the goods, consuming and throwing in bins has made their lives comfortable but the tonnes of garbage: recyclable and non- recyclable are imposing big threats to the environment and challenges to the environmentalists.

If the problem is this much severe, the solutions must be rational and applicable. There are umpteen ways with which the ever increasing problem of garbage can be addressed to. The first concrete step is creating awareness amongst the people to shun the non-recyclable wrappers. Otherwise, our slice of earth will be denuded of living space and trash pollution will pose a great threat to the flora and fauna.

A further solution can be the development of more food parks in the vicinity of metro cities and the construction of crop growing skyscrapers (known as vertical farming) in the heart of cities. This practice will encourage the consumers to collect the veggies, grains and fruits from the collection centre and reduce the usage of transportation and the time involved in it. In this manner, packaging of food items will be discouraged and instead of preference for frozen and canned food, fresh will be used more frequently. Furthermore, dairy farming can be encouraged by providing space for the livestock in the vicinity of cities. The collection of milk and other dairy products directly from the dairy will control the overuse of bottles, cans and buckets.

To conclude, it is drawn that the use of packets, wrappers and plastic ware for storing and transporting food items is indispensable part of life, the only need is to stop the overuse. Non-recyclable and toxic containers can be replaced with paper bags, glass containers and cloth or jute sacks.

Do you feel the effects of tourism are more positive or negative for the host country?


The tourism industry is flourishing thus making travelling a popular activity. Bespoke travelling programmes are planned by professional guides and these have a great influence on the tourist destinations. I opine that while host countries can experience negative impacts, the benefits clearly surpass the downsides.


Firstly, the mixing of people from different cultures can create problems. Opposing cultural values can create conflict between different groups of people and native cultures can be diluted by globalisation. In addition, the unspoilt beauty of islands, hills and seashores can sometimes be ruined by tourists, such as through littering. In this way the natural beauty of the host country is put at stake.


On the other hand, the manifold advantages of tourism clearly outweigh the drawbacks. The major benefit is in the form of foreign currency, which strengths the economy of thee host country. Revenue is generated from various sources and employment opportunities increase. New infrastructure: airports, roads, resort and shopping arcades, is constructed which creates many jobs for local people.


Additionally, local culture gets recognition at world level. Native artisans earn handsome money by selling their goods in international market. For instance Jade artefacts of New Zealand are used by people in every corner of the world. Last but not least, the lifestyle of local people is improved. By exposing themselves to various languages and fashions, they change for betterment.


To conclude, it is clear that although tourists can have an adverse impact on host countries, but the many positive effects offset the negative ones. It is hoped that tourism will continue to be an excellent source of revenue in the future.




Awards and prizes are given for excellence in various fields.  Do these awards and prizes serve a useful purpose? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


All human beings yearn for appreciation for their activities. The rewards and incentives keep the spirits of all very high. The acknowledgement of done work shows remarkable results. This essay discusses in detail how awards and prizes motivate and inspire people and these driving forces prove quite useful.


The appreciation given to good work in various fields motivates people to perform well in future also. The efforts and achievements are being recognized at academic, social and professional fronts. For instance, meritorious students get prizes for their excellence in studies and similarly social activists and reformers are also appreciated by conferring awards such as Nobel prizes. Such recognitions give a strong push to the very people and they work with more enthusiasm and determination. Thus incentives, monetary or nonmonetary, definitely encourage people to do well.


Additionally, others get inspiration from the achievers. They wish to become like them so that their works also receive recognition. They also hope to get name and fame. To examplify, almost every organization declares employee of the month or year. The person who bags this award becomes cynosure of all eyes. Others get inspired to perform equally well. Furthermore, the national and international recognitions given to some enkindle the same spirit in millions of people. To name Malala Yousfzai, the youngest Nobel laureate, is a source of inspiration to many girls. In this way, awards fulfil a strong purpose.


To conclude, it is evident that appreciations given in all fields, to deserving people, are worth giving. Such prizes and awards are morale boosters for the achievers and strivers both. The office- bearers of all sectors must give awards for better results.


What is very important skill a person should learn in order to be successful in the world today? Choose one skill and use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.


It is extremely important to be skilful in the modern world. Many argue that having such skills can open up opportunities for professional and personal success. I, however believe that public speaking skills unlock potential in people and can lead them to greater success in life. This position will be supported by looking at how public speaking enhances achievement in academic, professional and social endeavours.

To start, developing oneself as an orator can lead to positive outcomes in academia. At a very basic level, this skill can help children compete in forums that require participants to speak in public. The confidence this early success fosters can lead to greater public speaking success in the future, such as the defence of a graduate thesis.

Additionally, strong public communicators tend to enjoy more professional success. For example, achieving the status of team leader in any sector requires a person be able to present ideas to groups of people. Those who are incapable of doing this will thus never be able to advance their careers. Thus, the professional ramifications of being a strong orator can be seen.

Good public speakers also enjoy stronger family ties. For instance, people that are capable of inspiring their family members will help create a greater sense of inclusion within their familial unit. This can encourage feelings of security which in turn helps encourage confidence in all members. Thus, public speaking skills clearly improve the healthfulness of families.

To conclude, verbal communication skills can lead people to greater success in their lives. It is hoped that communities everywhere push their school aged children towards learning to speak in public.


Sample answers: IELTS Cue Cards

Talk about any tall building.

  • I’m going to speak about the tallest building of the world which stands at the height of 829 metres and this super tall structure is known as the Burj Khalifa and located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • This mega structure is an epitome of neo-futurism and breaks all the boundaries of architectural advancements.
  • It is a mixed – use establishment which houses 30,000 homes, nine hotels, 19 residential towers, the Dubai mall and 12 hectare artificial Burj Khalifa Lake.
  • This mega tall skyscraper has broken numerous records by attaining the position of the world’s tallest free standing structure, world’s highest outdoor observation deck, world’s highest night club, world’s second highest outdoor swimming pool, world’s highest restaurant and many more.
  • This building was opened in 2010 as a part of new development called Downtown Dubai.
  • Since its opening, it has been the centre of attraction to the millions of tourists around the globe who come to have a look on this majestic structure.
  • This magnificent structure provides amazing view of Dubai and adjoining cities from the top floors.
  • I’m quite excited and also planning to see this tall building in near future as the facts about this building enchant me. I wish to experience the thrill after visiting this place which is known for its grandeur.

Talk about a tradition/ culture of your country.

  • How people follow that tradition.
  • What its origin is.
  • Why people follow.

We have many strong traditions and customs in my country. Here I would like to talk about one such tradition which is followed by millions of people since ages.

  • It is ‘Indian Family Value system’ which is attached utmost importance to. This value system comprises of all those beliefs and viewpoints that the parents pass on to their children.
  • There are certain rules and regulations that every child is taught from his childhood.
  • The very first family value is that showing respect to the elders in the family and society by touching their feet to seek blessings and using refined language while communicating.
  • For this children are trained well by their parents, guardians and teachers in the schools.
  • Another important teaching is staying away from all types of intoxicants. It is even taught in my culture, like many others, that taking liquor is considered as a religious offence. So, family values expect youngsters and adults to not to indulge in such practices.
  • One another example of strong family system is showing respect to the women in the society.
  • These societal norms are followed very sternly and the violators are looked down upon.
  • I reckon there is no written record of such do’s and dont’s. But being a part of the life, these are followed without raising any frown.


Describe a large company that you know well and want to work there.

  • What is the name of the company.
  • Why that is popular.
  • Is that company a good work place.

Though I am a student of business school yet but I have already made a selection of the company in which I would love to start my professional career.

  • This organisation is of repute in my country. It is India’s largest private sector enterprise. It deals in retail markets, telecom, petrochemicals and hydro projects also.
  • I have an innovative mind and I yearn always to do something unusual. I explored the market and found that this industrial house has ample avenues for the deserving candidates.
  • Sometimes, my friends mock at me for dreaming big but my principles guide me to think big and achieve big.
  • I see myself as a member of this vast industry in a couple of years. After completing my masters from the top most B-school of India I will join this organisation.
  • This company has a sort of monopoly in some sectors. They are leaders in communication industry.
  • Besides this, the contribution made by this house in the energy sector has made it familiar even in remote areas also.
  • My dream company has already spread out its wings in the international market also. The people associated with this organisation are always in all praise for the policies made for the employees.
  • I am putting the best efforts to score high in my academics so that I can fulfil my dream of working in this huge business house.


Talk about a moment when you clicked many photographs.

  • Where you were.
  • With whom you were.
  • What happened there?

I love to click photographs for sweet memories to cherish even after years. Here I would like to share one such experience when I clicked lot many pictures.

  • In this summer holidays, I went to Dalhousie, a popular hillside destination for tourists in the summer, along with my family and friends.
  • We spent three days on hills visiting different tourists’ spots. We went to Mcleodganj, Dalhousie and Khajjiyar. These are located in the northern part of my country in Himalayan Range.
  • Ours was a group of 15 people comprising my family members and friends.
  • It was a very relaxing time for all of us as all were free from their job commitments and enjoyed a lot there.
  • It was my first visit to these places so I tried to capture every view of beautiful hills with my camera so that I can watch them later and recall my happy holidays.
  • We reached at the famous Khajjiyar ground in the evening. The sun was setting and I clicked photos of that majestic view while sun was going down slowly behind tall green trees.
  • There were many fun activities made available to the tourists. Some of us decided to enter into big rolling balls to feel the excitement. There again I captured pictures of my own and my friends while being tied inside the balls with belts.
  • Another attraction for all of us was horse riding. We all had a great time while enjoying rides on horse backs. All were posing like jockeys and having the so called photo session there with horses.
  • It was a great fun for us. It has been almost a month since we are back to work but the photographs clicked on that tour provide freshness to mind.


Describe an article you have read in any magazine related to health.

Nowadays people are very conscious about their looks and wellbeing. They work out regularly in gym and go for walk and jogging also.

  • I am also very health conscious person and i often read health related columns and blogs written by health experts and dieticians in newspapers, magazines and on internet.
  • On last Sunday, i read an article in a magazine about keeping fit.
  • This article was written by famous dietician Ms. Yasmine Kochar.
  • It was very informative as the writer wrote about different diets for keeping ourselves fit. She also mentioned the importance of drinking hot water and she shared the names of some commonly found herbs in our domestic kitchen to cure various flues.
  • I read about the significance of fruits salad and sprouts salad also and the need of fibre for healthy stomach. She advised to munch fruits more rather than taking fresh juice even.
  • She also gave a diet chart of seven days which helps to detoxify the body and ultimately helps in weight reduction. I have noted down that diet plan and pasted it on the wall of my room.
  • I have read that article three times, till now, as it sounds very interesting. It’s only after reading this column I came to know that watermelon and melon help in weight control.
  • Now I’m waiting eagerly for the next edition of the same magazine to read the next article as Yasmine writes on regular basis for this magazine.
  • I checked her account on internet also and found many other interesting facts about food and health.
  • This article enhanced my knowledge about the selection of healthy food items and I liked it very much.


Describe a particular song which makes you feel relaxed.

Listening to music is always relaxing for me. It is a great way to unwind after day long exhausting work. I listen to religious songs, film songs and contemporary musical notes also.

  • Here I would like to speak about one such song which relaxes me and makes me feel proud of my origin and nationality.
  • This is the national song of my country. I have heard this song hundreds of times. We used to sing this song in our morning assembly during school days.
  • The lyrics are ‘Vande Mataram’ which means I praise you, Mother. This is all praise to the motherland. It was written in Bengali and Sanskrit language.
  • I like this song for many reasons. It instils the feelings of equality and brotherhood amongst the people of the country.
  • This song was also sung by freedom fighters of m y country during their crusade against the rulers.
  • This song was the motto of the freedom strugglers. They used to sing this in chorus and the notes of the songs were more than enough to fill their minds with hatred for the foreign rulers and love for their own nation.
  • I heard this song first time in my school and afterwards I memorised it as it was a routine affair to sing this. I think, such songs are needed as these arouse patriotic feelings among children and they yearn to learn more about their country and its history.
  • The words of this song draw the pictures of majestic mountains, green lands, snow covered peaks and vast oceans in front of eyes, whenever I listen to it.
  • I feel relaxed after listening to it and I wish that every child learns it by heart so that he or she can have an idea about the unity in diversity of their nation.

IELTS Cue Card Topics:

NB: you may check the previous posts for the ideas of the following topics:

  • Speak about any book you have read recently and want to read it again.
  • Describe a place which is best for you to relax.
  • Describe a time when you had to use your imagination.
  • Describe a cafe that you visited recently.
  • Describe your favourite song.
  • Describe a food that you ate in other country.
  • Speak about a time when you were extremely busy.

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