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Describe any wild animal.

  • Where it lives
  • How does it look like
  • What do you like/ dislike about this animal
  • Describe how people in general think about it

  •  I am going to speak about the wild animal which is declared as an endangered species in my country as it is on the verge of extinction. Besides this, it is national animal also, of my country. It is tiger.
  • Though it’s natural habitat is forest but it is found in wild life sanctuaries, national parks and zoo also.
  • It is known as member of cat family. It has black stripes on orange body. Like other animals, it has four legs, a tail, sharp eyes and whisks.
  • I like this animal for its speed, agility and the ferocity with which it pounces upon its prey.
  • However, I dislike this animal because it is dangerous. Almost every human being is scared of it. It’s mere presence in residential areas creates chaos. 
  • People get frightened due to its tendency of attacking human beings. As It is carnivore , it kills animals and humans also. It feeds it self on flesh. So, most of  the people are afraid of it.
  • However, some money minded people are indulged in poaching of tiger. They kill and sell its skin in international market for monetary gains.
  • Some people train this animal to perform some tricks in zoo and circus also but majority of people get frightened of tiger.

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