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Talk about mobile phones.

  • I am going to speak about one of the most remarkable inventions of last decade and that is mobile phone.
  • This device has become part and parcel of our routine.
  • People depend on it for almost every task as modern smart phones are not meant only for contacting others but are like mini computers.
  • Like others, I also feel that my smart phone is life line for me as I can not manage without it.
  • I use this gadget to remain in touch with my family when I am out. I send messages to my acquaintances. I use this to share photographs and movies with my friends.
  • Besides these basic uses of phone, I use my cell phone as an alarm also to get up early in the morning. 
  • I set reminder of important days and dates such as fee submission of my child in school, birthdays and anniversaries of my kith and kin.
  • This device is quite helpful to me in checking my official e-mails and replying in time. I finish off my pending tasks while travelling also.
  • Additionally, I have downloaded various applications for on-line shopping. I use these apps frequently and place order for my needs.  In this way, I save time of shopping out and utilise that in doing more urgent tasks.
  • Above all, I entertain my self also by watching videos and playing games. 
  • I feel that mobile phones are the wonderful outcome of IT revolution.

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