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  • I am going to speak about the subject which has always remained my favourite throughout my student career. It was one of the majors in my graduation programme.
  • I had strong liking for Psychology in my senior secondary so I chose it as my subject during my three years’ degree course.
  • The concepts covered in the syllabi were of extreme interest. 
  • We had a group of around 15 students who had interest in this subject. We were taught about Learning theories, Intelligence, Motivation and many other topics.
  • Psychology subject was a double unit course. It had equal weightage for theory and practical as well.
  • We had great fun while doing practical work. In most of the cases, we had to conduct the practical on a living subject. That time we had to request our friends in college to accompany us so that we could perform experiment on them. 
  • I must say that the insights which I gained throug the study of this programme help me a lot now, to understand people and their behavioural problems.
  • Psychology has vast area and this subject covers all aspects of human personality. 
  • I still love to read articles and  books related to psychological findings.

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