Recent IELTS cue card topics:

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  • Describe an occasion when you handled a small baby.
  • How do you spend time with your friends.
  • Describe your favourite sport which you like to watch.
  • Speak about a magazine that is related to education.
  • Speak about the moment when you had to wait for someone.
  • What do children prefer in their childhood: magazines or comics.
  • What do you prefer : meeting with a friend or a meeting related to your job?
  • Describe a moment when you made your family feel proud.
  • Describe an important speech that you heard.
  • Describe a cake you ate on any occasion.
  • Talk about your favourite celebrity.
  • Describe a moment when your friend played a clever trick.
  • Describe a person who influenced you.
  • Speak about your favourite holiday spot.
  • Why do people prefer different and expensive shoes according to occasion.

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