Admission Process in Czech Republic

Admission Process

Students should apply directly to the university of their choice. Universities are independent bodies and have their own requirements and application deadlines. The deadline for submitting applications is usually between February and April. Students may apply for several study programmes at various universities and faculties.

In general, the application process is as follows:

Choose the study programme and check its specific requirements (browse the website of the selected university or use our sources)

Apply for admission directly to the university of your choice: fill in the application form (universities usually use the system of electronic applications which simply guides the student through the whole procedure; you may be asked to attach specific documents or send these by post)

Pay the application fee

The next steps will be communicated to you through the online application system and by a letter/email from the university.

For international applicants there are usually no entrance examinations and applicants‘ materials are assessed by an applications committee. If there are entrance examinations, these are mostly held between June and September, earlier for Arts studies.

If you have degrees issued abroad and wish to enroll at the university in the Czech Republic, you are required to obtain an official document confirming that your degree is recognised in the Czech Republic.