Document Required in Ireland

Document Required Documents
1 Online summary sheet, signed and dated by you, the applicant
2 Your original passport, valid for at least 6 months after your date of departure from Ireland with at least 2 blank visa pages. Please include a photocopy of the passport bio page, all visas and all stamps.v
3 1 recent photo that conforms to requirements
4 Processing fee
5 A letter giving full details of the reason for your visit
6 (a)

Evidence of Funds:

Evidence of how you intend to finance your trip and support yourself for the duration of your visit in the form of Upto date bank statements for the 3 month period Bank Statements should include the most recent transactions for the account up to the date of your application and:

must be original

must show your current address and

must show availability of sufficient funds to cover the costs of your proposed trip. Lump sum lodgements made shortly before your application will not be considered.


In the event that you are being supported by a spouse, partner or member of your family, they should provide:

evidence of funds as specified

an original, signed and dated letter stating that they are undertaking to support you during your trip to Ireland

evidence of their relationship to you

evidence of your address

7 (a)

In employment or studying:

An original up to date signed letter from your place of employment or study on headed paper with full contact details – giving details of your employment or course and confirming that you will be returning there following your visit to Ireland.


Self Employed:

You must provide documentary evidence of your business/company in the form of:

An original, signed and dated letter on headed paper from your solicitor/accountant/tax consultant and/or

Recent correspondence relating to your self-employment from the Inland Revenue and/or

The original letter of incorporation and/or Up to date banks statements (from the past three months) for your business bank account

8 Details of any previous Irish visa applications made including those refused.
9 If you have been refused a visa for any other country details of this should be submitted. Failure to disclose previous visa refusals will result in your Irish visa application being refused