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English @ Mind Maker

    MIND MAKER has been teaching English since 2000. Our expertise in this field helps the language learners a lot. We have developed our own course material and methodology to teach students. We cater to the students of all levels. Our courses are designed meticulously. Course manuals and lessons are planned according to the requirements of the students.


    Spoken English courses are designed for those students who wish to improve their speaking part in English language. It works on functional English, which we use in daily life, in different situations.


    Even after studying English as a subject in the school for 10-12 years, some are unable to communicate in English. They know how to write, can read and understand but can’t express their thoughts, ideas and feelings in English. They respond to English Language slowly. This slows down their communication process. At Mind maker, we make then confident, in using English language.

    Spoken English courses are divided in levels: 3 Levels (0-2)
    Level-0 (Basic)


    Course – BECC – Basic English Communication Course

    Duration – 1 month/ 1hr. 30 min. Class daily

    Focus – This course is intended for those who wish to learn English Language. They don’t know words and the exact sentence formation. Commonly used vocabulary and basic sentence patterns along with very basics of Grammar are taught at this level.

    Course Outcome – After the course completion, student starts understanding basic level of English.


    Level-1 (Intermediate)


    Course – CECC – Complete English Communication Course

    Duration – 2 months/1 hr. 30 min. Class daily

    Focus – This course teaches grammar and vocabulary along with the practice of speaking activities daily. The grammatical errors are made correct at this level. Work is started on the development of fluency right from the first day of the course.

    Course Outcome – Student becomes able to understand and speak English confidently.


    Level-2 (Advance)


    Course – Fluency in English Speaking

    Duration – 1 month/ 1hr. Class daily

    Focus – To make the learners very fluent in speaking in English Language even in unfamiliar conditions. They become able to use the complex language patterns.

    This course helps to enhance vocabulary and develop fluency in speaking part. A lot of attention is provided on pronunciation of the student. He is taught about voice modulation, intonation, rhythm and use of stress during speaking to make his speaking more like a native speaker of English Speaking country. Various vocabulary enhancement strategies are taught.

    Course Outcome : By the end of the course, student becomes very fluent in English speaking. He becomes able to handle the complex language patterns along with the use of advance vocabulary. After the course completion, student shows proficiency in the use of English Language.

    Holiday English : This is a short-term vacation course for children and adults who wish to do something useful during their holidays. The lessons focus on building fluency along with activating the learners’ knowledge of English. There are many activities which help the students to enhance their grammar, word power and vocabulary. Emphasis is laid on improving English communication skills by providing a positive, inclusive and supportive environment. Our friendly and professional teachers ensure that the junior students learn English quickly through a range of group and individual activities.

    Business English/ Professional English : We offer one-month Business English Course for business executives, professionals and business graduates for enhancement of communication skills and confidence. The course is developed in-house to meet specific needs identified within the workforce. The course content has been meticulously framed to improve fluency and pronunciation along with targeted business language components including interview skills, negotiating skills, business environment, presentation skills and leadership and people skills. It helps the students in gaining broad perspective on the business world today while making them fluent in English at the same time. Morning and evening batches are available providing flexibility to candidates in choosing the timings according to their convenience.

    English Club : Many people know English very well but hesitate to use it. They are unable to speak fluently and confidently due to lack of practice. English Club at Mind Maker offers a dynamic and exciting atmosphere to language learners to use English in a casual setting. This club is different from a classroom as members get a chance to speak English and share their ideas with the other members. This is a great opportunity to make new friends and interact with them as in real life. Members enjoy speaking English through a variety of fun games and activities. Members love being part of these entertaining sessions. We offer three months membership with weekly meetings.